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Guide to Liquidity Lens

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    Connect your wallet
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    You will see a summary of all your liquidity positions of your wallet

Overview of all positions

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    View summary of key statistics
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    Switch view between Open and Closed positions
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    Switch view between single or all networks
APR = [(Unclaimed fees + Claimed fees) * 365 / # of days old] of all positions / Total current liquidity of all positions (%)

Detailed breakdown of each liquidity position

To view, click on any position. Here's how to understand each section on this page.

Track your fees

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    View a breakdown of your unclaimed and claimed fees
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    Krystal calculates the total fees you have earned in this position

Track the distribution of your position

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    Current liquidity: current token distribution, and its current value (in USD)
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    Provided liquidity: token distribution at the point of time pool is set up, and its current value (in USD)
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    Krystal calculates your impermanent loss incurred in this position

Track price range of your position

To help you take decision on your position, Krystal displays Converted Price = the average price that your tokens had been converted due to market movement.
For eg. This user has spent 7,419.0102 ETH to buy 12,069,392.4997 USDC at the average price of 1 USDC = 0.0006147 ETH.

Get projections on your position

Predict your future earnings based on the current APR of your position.