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What are the fees on Krystal?

There are 2 main fees when you are interacting with Krystal's platform:

Gas fee

As a decentralised application, you will need to pay gas fees to interact with the smart contracts on Krystal. The gas fee that you incur will depend on the function and the congestion of the blockchain when you are making the transaction.
You may want to double-check the gas fee before approving any transactions.
To learn more about gas fees, check out our guide here.

Platform fee

Some of the platforms that are integrated with Krystal may have their own fees. These are not charged by Krystal, but it may affect the rates that you receive when performing transactions in our wallet.

Why can't my transaction be processed on Krystal?

If your trade cannot be carried out on our platform, here are some methods you can try:
  • Ensure that you have enough of the native token to pay for gas fees
  • Increase the amount of gas fees to pay for the transaction
  • Disconnect your wallet, reload the page and connect it again
If none of these solutions work, do contact us in our official Telegram group and our admins will help you to resolve your issue.