Krystal Docs

Withdrawing Tokens From Krystal Earn

It is currently not possible to unstake stETH or ETH on Ankr (aETHb or aETHc). This will only be possible once the Shanghai Upgrade is completed on the Ethereum network (~ 2023)
If you wish to withdraw your tokens from Krystal Earn, you are able to do so at any time.
You will need to go to the 'My Portfolio' tab on Earn,
and select the '-' button to withdraw your funds.
There will be a transaction to unstake or withdraw your funds,
and you will need to pay some gas fees for this transaction as well.
These same steps will apply when you are withdrawing from our lending platforms.

When will I receive my funds?

If you have lent out your funds using Aave, Compound or Venus, your funds will be available in your wallet immediately.
However, when you are unstaking your funds from either Ankr or Lido, you may go through an unbonding period. You will only receive your assets in your wallet once the unbonding period is completed.
Unbonding Period
NA (Only possible after Shanghai Upgrade)
~ 3-4 days
~ 7-10 days
~ 4 weeks
~ 1-35 days
The same unbonding period for MATIC applies to both Ankr and Lido