Krystal Docs

Gaining Points For KrystalGO

To receive allocations for the upcoming IDOs, you will need to perform some tasks on Krystal to receive an allocation.
There are 4 participation tiers, depending on your trading volume on Krystal (for the last 30 days, calculated in USD).

Trading volume on Krystal

Another way to accrue more points on Krystal is by trading on the platform. For every $10 USD in trading volume, you will receive 1 point.
The points are calculated based on your wallet’s total trading volume on Krystal DeFi in the last 30 days.
This will be counted for 30 days before the end of the project's registration stage.
Each trade that you make will have a 30-day expiry.
For example, the points that you accumulate for a trade that you make on 1st January will expire on 31st January.
Any swap transactions that you make on all of Krystal's supported blockchains will be counted in your total trading volume.
Any wrapping or unwrapping transactions will not be counted (e.g. WBNB to BNB or vice versa)

Tier system

A few hours after the end of the registration, the allocation will be announced, and your tier will be decided.
Here are the required amount of trading volume to achieve the different tiers on KrystalGO:
  • 🟠 Topaz (300 points = $3,000 trade volume)
  • 🟣 Obsidian (3,000 points = $30,000 trade volume)
  • 🟢 Emerald (10,000 points = $100,000 trade volume)
  • 🔵 Sapphire (35,000 points = $350,000 trade volume)
The higher the tier you are in, the greater the chance of being allocated more tokens of the new project.
If you are in the Emerald and Sapphire tiers, you will receive a guaranteed allocation of the tokens.