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Key Events In An IDO (KrystalGO)

Here are the key events for each IDO that is launched on KrystalGO:

#1 Registration

During this stage, you will be able to indicate your interest in the project.
You will need to register for an IDO by accumulating trade volume for the last 30 days.
In terms of trading volume, it will be:
  • Calculated in USD
  • Taken 30 days from the end of the registration period
For example, if the end of the registration period is 30th Jan, the trading volume that is counted will be 30 days before 30th Jan.
For more information, you can check out how to gain points for KrystalGO.

#2 Announcement of allocation

The allocation for each tier will be announced a few hours after the registration ends.
During this time, your tier will be determined as well.

#3 Pre-order allocation

The pre-order will start when the allocation announcement is released. During this time, you will be able to purchase the amount allocated to you by making the necessary deposit.
If you do not purchase your allocation during this period, you will lose any guaranteed allocation and it will be available for others on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis.

#4 Token sale

All pre-orders will be filled, and the remaining allocation that is not bought will be available for sale.
There are 2 phases of the Token sale:
  • All users who registered for the pool can purchase
  • Token amount will be predetermined
  • First come first serve, until sold ou
Last Call
  • All KYC-ed KrystalGO users can purchase
  • No max cap of token amount
  • First come first serve, until sold out
If all of the tokens are sold during the Public phase, there will no Last Call phase.

#5 Pool intitation

This is when the project's token will be listed on a DEX. The project will usually announce their listing on their Telegram channel, so do follow their socials for the latest updates.

#6 Vesting schedule

Based on the number of tokens that you have bought from the IDO, a percentage of it will be available to you at the token generation event (TGE).
The remainder of the tokens that you've bought will be distributed to you based on the schedule that was previously stated.
Here's an example of a vesting schedule:
Amount Unlocked (%)
1 month after TGE
2 months after TGE
The vesting schedule will vary as it is determined by each individual project.