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Linking Your Solana Wallet

You are required to create a Solana wallet and then link it to the wallet that you have either created or imported to Krystal.
This is because Solana is not an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible network, so you will need to link it to a wallet that is compatible with the Solana network.
You can view our video guide on YouTube for more information.
After connecting your Ethereum wallet to KrystalGO, you will have an option to link your Ethereum wallet to a Solana wallet.
Some of the wallets that we support include:
However, we recommend linking Phantom Wallet with KrystalGO.
After doing so, you should see your Solana wallet address on the KrystalGO dashboard.
With your Solana wallet linked, you will now be able to participate in IDOs on the Solana network.