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Did you know there are some ways that you can earn some sweet rewards when you just transact on Krystal?

Collect eggs

Eggs are the reward points that you earn from performing eligible transactions on Krystal. These can be traded for various rewards and perks.
You can go to our Missions page to view all of the tasks that you can complete to earn these eggs.
For the example below, you can earn up to 300 eggs by swapping 20 times.
Here are some things you may want to note regarding earning eggs:
  1. 1.
    You have to fulfil the task requirement completely to be able to earn the reward.
    E.g. if you swap $450 or swap 9 times, you will not earn any eggs.
  2. 2.
    The actions you perform are cumulative of each mission. E.g. you just need to swap 15 times and you can earn 200 eggs (qualify for both swapping 10 and 15 times)
You can view the balance of the eggs you've collected at the top right-hand corner of our Loyalty Dashboard.
If you are using our Krystal mobile app, please use our DApp Browser to access the Loyalty Dashboard via the URL (

Spend eggs

To spend your eggs, you can go to the Gamezone section to explore the various perks you can exchange your eggs for.
This includes Guess & Win, and stay tuned for other ways you can spend your eggs in the future!