Krystal Docs

Obtaining A Wallet

Krystal is a decentralised application (DApp). To interact with Krystal, you will need to own a decentralised, non-custodial wallet.
This means that you aren't able to use your account from a centralised exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase or KuCoin.
Some of these wallets include:
If you don't have any of these wallets, you will be able to create your own wallet directly on the Krystal platform (iOS | Android).
However, this is only possible for Krystal's mobile apps. You won't be able to create a wallet on Krystal if you're using your desktop!
Once you have created a wallet on Krystal, you are able to start your DeFi journey through all of our services.
When creating a wallet, here are some things to note:
  • Only download the wallets from official sources
  • Keep a copy of your backup phrase securely
  • Do not share your recovery phrase with anyone, not even people who DM you and claim they are from Krystal
Please see the guides below for more information: