Our team is a diverse mix of professionals with different backgrounds, bonded by a shared passion for blockchain. We're committed #buidlers at heart, focusing on addressing blockchain users' pain points and driving the evolution of Web3.

Core members

Jarvis Nguyen, CEO/Co-founder, X | LinkedIn: IOI medalist. Top 10 Vietnam CTO Summit 2022. Co-founded Etheremon, pioneering NFT Games in 2017. A seasoned web3 builder for over 7 years, committed to the long-term vision of Web3 and bringing DeFi accessible to the masses.

Tung Hoang, Chief Growth Officer, X | LinkedIn: Math PhD dropout. Veteran of corporate giants turned blockchain enthusiast. Committed to democratizing Web3 and DeFi for mass adoption.

Jolie Nguyen, Head of Human Resources, X | LinkedIn: HR expert with over a decade of experience. Aims to build a lasting and impactful Krystal with a people-first approach.

Nam Nguyen, Engineering Manager, X | LinkedIn: 6+ years in building web3 products and scalable backend services. Leads backend team to build and manage 50+TB of blockchain data in our data warehouse.

Steve Duong, Engineering Manager, X | LinkedIn: 10+ years building clients in multiple big corps and startups. Leads iOS, Android, and Web App at Krystal.

Peter Nguyen, Product Manager, X | LinkedIn: Crypto native and DeFi degen. Deep understanding of DeFi landscape and pain points. Joins Krystal to bring unique DeFi opportunities to mass users.

.. and many more enthusiastic buidlers 🚀


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