Backing Up Or Exporting Keys On Krystal Wallet

This guide will show you how to back up or export keys from the wallets that you have on Krystal.

It is VERY important that you DO NOT:

  • Lose your keys

  • Share your keys with ANYONE, not even someone who claims they are from Krystal

If anyone else knows your keys, they will be able to access the funds in your wallet.

Here's how you can backup or export your keys on Krystal:

  1. Go to 'Settings'

  2. Select 'Manage Wallets'

  3. Swipe left the chosen wallet and select 'Edit'

  4. Select 'Show Backup Phrase'

You should go to the screen as seen below.

There are 3 ways that you can backup or export your keys:

  1. Mnemonic

  2. Keystore

  3. Private key

After choosing your preferred option, you will need to enter the PIN code.

Please DO NOT share either of these keys with anyone!

If you did not import your wallet using the mnemonic seed phrase, you will only be able to backup your wallet using either the Keystore or Private key.

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