Hot Pools

Discover the most lucrative liquidity pools across multiple protocols with Krystal's intuitive Explorer. Here’s how you can maximize your earnings.

Preset category

Tailor your liquidity provision strategy by selecting from various asset-specific categories that Krystal meticulously curates.

  • Best APR Pairs: Pinpoint liquidity pools offer the most attractive Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Best Blue-chip Pools: Invest in pools with tokens that boast substantial market capitalization for better stability.

  • Best Stable Coin Pools: Secure the highest APR available for stable token investments.

Comprehensive Pool Listings

Uncover the most promising liquidity opportunities from our extensive list of supported pools. To eliminate pools with unreliable data, we only show pools that have 24h-Volume/TVL of at least 0.01%; TVL and a total volume of at least $10K for pools on Uniswap and at least $5K for pools on the others.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to browse all available pools.

  • Effortlessly search for specific tokens of interest.

  • Employ basic and advanced filters to find the perfect pool that aligns with your financial goals.

Elevate your DeFi experience with Krystal, where profitability meets simplicity.

Top wallets

Showcases the leading participants in the liquidity pool landscape. It's a dynamic leaderboard that provides valuable insights into the most successful liquidity providers within our ecosystem.

  • Updated Data: All information is refreshed every 24 hours to ensure you have the most current data.

  • Wallet Overview: Each wallet is listed with its corresponding liquidity provision (LP) value, which reflects the current worth of assets committed to liquidity pools.

  • Earnings Tracking: Monitor the daily earnings of top liquidity providers, giving you an indication of the potential profitability in liquidity provisioning.

  • APR Insights: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) column provides a quick view of the returns generated by each wallet over the past year, offering a benchmark for performance comparison.

  • Engagement and Community: The followers count next to each wallet address signals the community's interest and trust in the strategies of top providers.

This section is a powerful tool for both novice and experienced users to analyze market trends, identify successful investment patterns, and strategize their own liquidity provisioning endeavors.

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