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Track your true LP positions PnL, APR, Impermanent loss, and more

LP Assets supports you in monitoring your LPs across EVM networks including Ethereum, BNB chains, Arbitrum, OP Mainnet, Polygon, Avalanche, Base, Polygon zkEVM Cronos, Fantom, etc.

Supported platforms: Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Trader Joe, QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Camelot, KyberSwap, and Thena.

Summary page

On the summary page, you can see two parts:

  • The overview performance of your LPs

  • Besides tracking all your open LP positions, we also support tracking closed positions of v3-protocols and similar, such as Uniswap v3, Pancakeswap v3, QuickSwap v3, SushiSwap v3, Camelot v3, and Thena Fusion.

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