Auto Rebalance

Auto Rebalance helps you create a strategy to keep your LP positions in range. Auto Rebalance is now available on Arbitrum on UniSwap v3. More chains and protocols will be added soon.

Auto Rebalance is crafted to optimize the profitability of your liquidity positions during market volatility, maintaining efficiency and minimizing impermanent loss.


Step 1: Navigate to the โ€˜Automationโ€™ tab and click โ€˜New Setupโ€™ to start

Step 2: Configure Auto Rebalance Parameters

  1. If you don't have any LP position yet, you can click on "Explore Pools" to access our liquidity pools ranking across different chains and protocols

  2. If you already have open LP positions, you can click on a position to start your Auto Rebalance setup

  3. In the Trigger Setup section, you can set up the Trigger Prices and Time Buffer:

    • Lower and Upper Trigger Prices can be set up in absolute value or in % changes vs. current price. When the actual price fall out of this Trigger Prices range, you position will be auto-rebalanced.

    • Time Buffer can be set up to trigger Auto-Rebalance only when the price remains outside of the Trigger Prices range for a certain amount of time.

  4. In the New Range section, you can set up the price range for the new position after rebalancing.

  5. In the Settings section, you can enable either one-time or recurring Auto-Compound to add the fees generated to your LP position

    • Auto-Compound and Recurring can be turned on or off to fit your strategy

    • Minimum Fees let you set a lower bound to activate Auto-Compound. As long as the fee generated is lower than Minimum Fees, Auto-Compound will not be triggered.

    • Gas Fee Ceiling let you set the maximum amount of gas fee you are willing to pay for a rebalance transaction. If the cost is higher than the Gas fee Ceiling, Auto-Rebalance won't be triggered.

    • Pool Slippage and Swap Slippage help protect you by reverting the transaction if there's any unfavorable price movement.

  6. Click "Approve" and "Confirm" to activate your Auto-Rebalance strategy.

Step 3: Track your Auto-Rebalance Strategy on the Automation Tab

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