Krystal allows you to swap from one token to another. Here's a guide on how to do so:

#1 Select the network that you want to swap on

The first step will be to select the chain that you want to swap on.

Please note that swap on Solana is currently not supported on mobile.

#2 Select the token and the quantity that you wish to swap

Next, you'll need to select the tokens and quantity that you wish to swap on Krystal.

You are only able to select the quantity from the tokens that you own, and you will see the corresponding amount of tokens that you'll receive.

If this is the first time that you are swapping a token on Krystal, you will need to make an 'Approve' transaction. This allows the smart contract on Krystal to interact with your token.

The only tokens that do not require initial approval are the native token of that network

You can find out more about Token Approvals in our article here.

Krystal automatically chooses the best rate for your swap, across all of the decentralised exchanges (DEXes) that are integrated with our platform.

If you would like to compare the rates, you can scroll down (and expand the options if applicable), and you will be able to compare the rates among the different DEXes.

When everything is in order, you can tap on the “Review Swap” button.

You will need to pay gas fees for every swap transaction that you make.

Your transaction will be broadcasted to the blockchain. Once it is approved, the token that you swapped will be sent directly to your wallet.

Here are some additional resources regarding Krystal's Swap feature:


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