When using Swap on Krystal, you can access the settings page by tapping on the Settings icon.

There are 2 types of settings that you can use:

  1. Basic Settings

  2. Advanced settings

Basic Settings

On the basic settings, you can choose a suitable gas price, based on how fast you need your transaction to be processed.

The faster you want your transaction to be processed, the higher the gas fee you'll need to pay.

You are able to adjust your slippage tolerance, where the default is set at 0.5%.

The slippage tolerance is the difference between the price that you confirm when making the swap, and the price that is executed on the DEX.

If the slippage is greater than the slippage tolerance, your trade will not be executed.

You are able to set a customisable slippage tolerance as well, if you do not wish to use the presets.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings allow you to customise your settings even further. Instead of using the recommended gas fee settings under 'Basic', you can tweak the settings to your preference.

If you wish to perform your transaction with a slippage percentage higher than 50%, you will need to turn on โ€˜Expert Modeโ€™ and tap the โ€˜Confirmโ€™ button.

Here are some of the parameters that you can modify:


Gas Limit

The maximum amount of units of gas you are willing to spend

Max Priority Fee

AKA miner tip; goes directly to miners and incentivises them to prioritise your transactions

Max Fee

The maximum amount that you'll pay (base fee + priority fee)

Custom Nonce

Sequential running number for an address, beginning with 0 for the first transaction

For more information regarding these terms in calculating gas fees on Ethereum, you can refer to our article on EIP-1559.

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