Krystal's SmartSwap feature allows you to get the best rates with minimum slippage when making a swap on any of our supported chains.

Krystal's SmartSwap routes your trade through multiple DEXes that are integrated with our platform, ensuring that you'll get the best rates.

Why do I need SmartSwap?

Most DEXes rely on liquidity pools to carry out trades on their platform. If the liquidity pool is drained due to a large trade, this will result in a high slippage.

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price that you're trading a particular cryptocurrency, and the actual price that was executed.

If you are making a large trade, this could drain a liquidity pool, and the effective rate that you're receiving for a particular cryptocurrency may not be the most optimal, due to slippage present.

SmartSwap routes your trades through multiple DEXes to ensure that you'll still receive the best rates, even when you're making a large trade!

How do I use SmartSwap?

Whenever you're making a trade, Krystal will select the best rates for your swap. This will usually be SmartSwap, as it will find the best rates for you.

SmartSwap works particularly well if you are making a large trade!

You can compare the rates, and view how much you save when using SmartSwap compared to other DEXes that are integrated with Krystal.

The amount that you save is in comparison to the platform with the second best rate.

To find out more about SmartSwap, you can read our blog post here.

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