⬇️Receiving Tokens On Krystal Wallet (Mobile)

If you create a Multi-Chain wallet, you will have 2 deposit addresses:

  • EVM-compatible (starting with '0x')

  • Solana (does not start with '0x')

The EVM-compatible networks that we currently support include: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Aurora, Klaytn and Optimism.

Any wallet created on the Krystal app will be a Multi-Chain wallet, so you will have both addresses.

However, if you did not import your wallet to Krystal via a seed phrase, you will only have a network-specific wallet and not a Multi-Chain wallet.

More info here.

EVM-compatible address

To receive tokens on an EVM-compatible network, you can select any of them in the network selection page, and go to 'Receive' on the home page of the mobile app.

This will give you the QR code and your address which starts with '0x'.

The deposit address will be the same across all EVM-compatible networks, regardless of the network that you intend to receive your tokens on.

As such, it is more important to choose the correct network when sending tokens from another platform to Krystal.

Do not send funds via the Solana network to this address (starting with '0x'). If you do so, your funds will be lost!

Solana address

For Solana, you will need to select the Solana network,

After that, you can go to 'Receive' on the home page of the mobile app.

This will give you a Solana deposit address that does not start with '0x'.

Do not send any tokens via an EVM-compatible network (e.g. Ethereum or BNB Smart Chain) to this address. Otherwise, your funds will be lost!

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